It’s SATA’s birthday and you get the presents with limited editions offers and giving painters even more opportunity to feel the SATAjet 5000 B difference.
One hundred and eleven years might seem like an unusual birthday to commemorate but who cares when SATA is coming up with the presents? As part of the company’s celebrations it’s offering a limited edition ‘SATA Anniversary Bundle’ featuring two high performance SATAjet 5000 B non-digital models packed neatly into a practical and stylish gun case. To highlight their special status, both guns come with a laser engraved SATA Anniversary logo on the satin-chrome pearlchrome surface finish. And the special gun case provides the perfect place to keep the guns safe when not in use, or when transporting them, thanks to precisely cut foam slots. There are extra spaces especially designed to house two SATA adam 2 digital air micrometers. Options include the ability to choose both guns in RP technology or one in RP technology and the other in HVLP. It’s also possible to select from the most popular nozzle set combinations used for basecoat and clearcoat application. This is a time-limited special edition so best get your order in pronto at your participating SATA distributor.

Direct from the good ol’ US of A
The Americans have been jealously trying the local PPG team went on a special mission which managed to secure a very limited number for the ANZ market. Along with a prominent PPG logo, each SATA PPGjet 5000 B comes complete with colourful and stylish graphics – featuring the traditional red, white and blue colours of the Star-Spangled Banner. To avoid disappointment, get your order in now at your participating SATA distributor.

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