Axalta has released the Sagola Limited Edition 4600 Scrambler spray gun for the Australian market.

Ergonomically designed and based on the new Xtreme model, the gun is lightweight and exceptionally well balanced, providing comfort and ease of use when painting.

“The 4600 Scrambler has a new centre of gravity, making it amazingly comfortable for both small and large hands,” explains Axalta national training manager Paul Polverino.

The stylish brown gun comes with two set ups, a 1.3 DVR aqua nozzle for use with waterborne paints or a 1.3 DVR clear nozzle for use with clear coats.

“The new trigger design seen in the 4600 carries through in this limited edition Scrambler, reducing fatigue while still delivering perfect paint uniformity.

“As usual, the limited edition Sagola 4600 Scrambler has no gaskets or o-rings due to the extreme quality and engineering tolerances used during production,” said Polverino.

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