Holden now has the ability to stamp the original VIN on a replacement RG Colorado chassis before it is fitted to the vehicle.

Stamping the original VIN on a new chassis eliminates the need for a second VIN.

Please note that depending on the model year of the vehicle the lead time for a chassis could be up to 16-20 weeks from date of part order.

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To take advantage of this new service the following requirements must be met.


  • A copy of vehicle registration documents must be emailed to
  • The VIN must be cut from the original damaged chassis and sent via registered mail to Holden (address below).

             - The repairer is responsible for tracking the parcel

The following process must be used.


1. Repairer must advise Dealership at the time of placing the order if the chassis requires stamping

2. Dealers must send an email requesting the VIN stamping to with the repairer cc’d.
                 a. This will enable Holden to place a hold on the part order being shipped.
                     The email must include order details and a subject line of “VIN stamping request.”

Please note, the order number must be supplied asap to prevent the order from allocating to the unstamped part.

3. will email the repairer and advise them to

     - send cut out VIN via registered mail to GM Holden LTD Collision Department Mail Point H10B 191 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

     - email a copy of the vehicle’s registration documents to with the insurance assessor cc’d              on the email.

Once VIN cut out is received the Holden Collision Team will advise repairer that cut out has been received.

Once stamping is complete the order will be released using normal parts shipping processes.

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