NUVA is a professional product line specially designed for increasing productivity in the automotive refinish industry. Globally distributed by SpectraPro, this line is developed and tested by experts for optimal quality results, including a universal UV-A curable filler and universal UV-A refinish putty.  

NUVA universal 1K UV-A curable filler is  recommended for dents, cracks, scratches and rust holes and is available in a 500g container. 

NUVA universal 1K UV curable refinish filler is perfect for filling pinholes and is available in a 250g container.  
Both of these UV-A curable fillers boast excellent flexibility and adhesion properties while offering a complete and fast UV curing process between 15 and 60 seconds depending on the thickness of product applied. 
These two fillers are suitable for use on most metal and plastic surfaces including steel, aluminium, iron, galvanised metal and plastic. Automotive repair uses can include original paints and coatings, fully cured repair coatings as well as new car paints.  

  • Easy application with smooth, uniform and high-quality surface finish. 

  • Easy sanding. Requires only light sanding. 

  • Can be sanded immediately after curing (no cooling time required). 

  • Less dust/powder from sanding. 

The NUVA range is Eco-friendly with low VOC and is also Styrene-free and is non-flammable. The NUVA fillers have been successfully tested with all of the Spectratek UV LED curing lamps. Specially designed for the automotive industry, the Spectratek UV LED line guarantees high quality results in all applications. 

More information from Bodyline: (02) 8036 8210 


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