New 3M High Power Spray Gun cleaner is designed to drastically reduce time and costs associated with standard spray gun cleaning methods.
Ideal for use on automotive spray equipment, the 3M high power spray gun cleaner easily removes coatings from metal, plastic and composite surfaces. The cleaner’s unique design and delivery method reduce clean up time for spray gun bodies, hard paint cups, atomising heads, hoses and fittings. An included extension tube makes it easy to blast hard-to-reach interior components.
As an additional benefit, the cleaning solutions leave no residue and therefore don’t require pre-cleaning or a final rinse step. To further improve the reduction in gun wash and solvent wastage, 3M recommends using its new High Power gun cleaner in conjunction with 3M PPS Series 2.0 Spray Cup system and the 3M Accuspray ONE spray gun.
With growing pressures on a technician’s time and increasing costs and difficulties associated with the purchasing and disposal of solvents and gun wash, using the complete 3M paint application system will drastically reduce a shop’s overall cleaning solution usage, while also ensuring that technicians spend less time cleaning.
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