As vehicle technology grows ever more complex, it has become practically impossible to repair or calibrate the modern vehicle in the aftermarket without specialist equipment. Hella Gutmann Solutions supplies a modular solution that assures precise calibration of radar sensors and cameras.
Up until now, Hella Gutmann Solutions has only been available to European workshops. Now workshops in Australia can benefit from the joint venture formed by two expert automotive market leaders: diagnostics leader Gutmann Messtechnik and lighting and electronics specialist Hella.
Auto glass specialists were early adopters in understanding the necessity driven by technology advancements and customer requirements to calibrate the forward-facing camera with windscreen replacement. This was necessary as the first cameras for driver assistance systems were installed on the interior side of the windscreen.
The number of additional high-tech sensors has since increased dramatically. There are added cameras on the front of the vehicle, on the side mirrors and on the rear of the vehicle. In addition, radar and laser scanners detect objects and their distance in real time. So camera and radar calibration is a very relevant topic for all workshops working on late model vehicles.
Sensors and cameras of driver assistance systems must be calibrated and adjusted with the utmost precision. A slight shift in position of the radar head or the camera in relation to the geometric axle causes the system to fail, or more worryingly deliver incorrect results. What this means is that following an accident, for example, the steering may be properly repaired from a mechanical point of view, but without correct calibration it will be misaligned when it comes to recognising the car’s position in relation to the road.
New ‘intelligent lighting’ also demands the need for calibration as it too incorporates camera technology to recognise oncoming traffic and bends in the road. Hella’s new Matrix Beam ‘intelligent lighting’ system automatically adjusts a car’s headlights, dimming or switching on and off light sources based on traffic conditions. Individually controlled LEDs maximise visibility and provide a safer driving experience.
The very latest device to enter the Australian market is the CSC-Tool (Camera & Sensor Calibration) developed by Hella Gutmann Solutions. The CSC-Tool enables effective and accurate calibration of a wide range of camera-based driver assist systems. The CSC-Tool is unique in offering ADAS radar calibration as well, making this a most comprehensive ADAS calibration system.

  • Aftermarket solution
  • Covering 19 OEM manufacturers
  • Modular system to enable new systems and vehicles to be added
  • Side and rear calibration extension kits for 360 degree and rear systems
  • Interfaces with any of the Hella Gutmann Solutions diagnostic units
  • Full print out of a successful calibration including date/time/VIN and registration number
  • Training and hotline included
  • As vehicles progress towards the self-driving car, the automotive industry is constantly working on safety and mutual monitoring of the systems. With an increase in system networking, the need for calibration will only increase.
  • Failure to calibrate ADAS related sensors could lead to serious drivability issues which may put drivers and road users at risk. Concerns about liability for workshops which fail to ensure the system is working correctly are also looming large for the repair sector.

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