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There are many products available to prepare and remove a weld. Below are two different processes solutions to achieve the desired finish.
Solution 1: weld preparation and finishing in four steps
STEP 1: Cutting-Off
Flexovit Maxx cutting-off wheels are easy to use, easy to steer and deliver consistent results. No dust, no smell so the process is more comfortable. Flexovit Maxx is a very comfortable disc to use offering a long life.

STEP 2: Cleaning
Blaze Rapid Strip discs are best used at a 10-15° to quickly eliminate unwanted coatings and corrosion, with minimal stock removal. It is a truly versatile product as you can achieve a more aggressive action as you increase the pressure. It is comfortable to use without damaging or gouging the components.
STEP 3: Bevelling
Norton Norzon F827 Fibre discs in P36 combined with a hard serrated back-up pad is the best option. It will remove material quickly, and the flat contact area makes it easy to control and help generate the required angle.

STEP 4: Weld Seam Removal
After welding use a Norton Norline R842 flap disc in grit P60 to quickly remove the weld seam and generate a finish ready for paint or other surface coatings.
Solution 2: weld removal in three steps
STEP 1: Heavy duty grinding
Remove the excess weld with a Flexovit Maxx3 or Flexovit Mega INOX grinding wheel at a 30-45° angle. The grinding discs create a coarse surface finish so it’s a good idea to leave a small amount of weld on the surface.
TOP TIP: UTG, ultra thin grinding at 3mm thick offers greater precision, stability and comfort.

STEP 2: Stock removal
Norton Blaze fibre discs in grit P60 at 10-15° angle will remove the weld quickly. For faster material removal, and air-cooled back-up pad with grit P36 works best.

STEP 3: Blending and refining
Vortex Rapid Blend discs are ideal for blending applications and will remove grind lines left by the fibre disc during the stock removal stage. The bright finish left by the Vortex Rapid Blend can be used either as a final finish or as an intermediate process step.

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