Hella Gutmann Solutions supplies a modular solution that assures precise calibration of radar sensors and cameras. HGS has made big inroads into the Australian windscreen replacement arena and is now working closely to assist collision repairers looking to bring recalibration in house.
The equipment calibrates a lot more than just the front-facing windscreen cameras. There are cameras on the front of the vehicle, on the side mirrors and on the rear of the vehicle. In addition, radar and laser scanners detect objects and their distance in real time.
Sensors and cameras of driver assistance systems must be calibrated and adjusted with the utmost precision. A slight shift in position of the radar head or the camera in relation to the geometric axle causes the system to fail, or more worryingly deliver incorrect results. What this means is that following an accident, for example, the steering may be properly repaired from a mechanical point of view, but without correct calibration it will be misaligned when it comes to recognising the car’s position in relation to the road. Same can be said for any front end vehicle repairs where the radar has been removed and refitted.
New ‘intelligent lighting’ also demands the need for calibration as it too incorporates camera technology to recognise oncoming traffic and bends in the road.
The CSC-Tool (Camera & Sensor Calibration) developed by Hella Gutmann Solutions enables effective and accurate calibration of a wide range of camera-based driver assist systems. The CSC-Tool is unique in offering ADAS radar calibration as well, making this a most comprehensive ADAS calibration system.
The system covers 27 manufacturers and is designed to enable new systems and vehicles to be added. CSC-Tool provides a full print out of a successful calibration including date/time/VIN and registration number. Training and hotline is included in the purchase price.

Your can download the brochure here. Recalibration information

For more details visit or call: 1800 061 729

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