Glasurit has launched its new mixing clear, the 522-MC 600. Designed to be the perfect partner for Glasurit 22 Line High-Solid VOC, this mixing clear offers outstanding application, spray painting, drying and polishing properties.

With its optimal levelling and excellent flow, the 522-MC 600 Mixing Clear ensures exceptional application results for matte and textured colours. Spraypainters can also rely on the proven colour documentation and accuracy.

Thanks to Glasurit 522-MC 600, when combined with Glasurit 923-610 HS clearcoat, the Glasurit RATIO system concept now also applies for 22 Line VOC: one system, one hardener and thinner portfolio, and one uniform mixing ratio make your work easy and reliable.

The new mixing clear maintains the proven high Glasurit quality with the reliability of the Glasurit RATIO system.


  • Outstanding application reliability and sprayability
  • Optimal leveling and good flow
  • Good drying behaviour and excellent polishing properties
  • Recoatable with Glasurit VOC clearcoats
  • Matte and/or textured colours
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