sia, Bosch and Delmeq have come together to create a new, simple to use finishing system. sia’s Marc Vellekoop explains the systems’ advantages.

Bosch and sia Abrasives have now integrated in Australia, and together with Europe’s Delmeq, this powerhouse team has launched their total solutions program for body, paint and detailing processes – ‘Perfect Finish Solutions’.

Marc Vellekoop, sia’s technical trainer and application engineer said: “With a growing demand for streamlined repair processes and the ever increasing pressure from insurers on repair times, we are complementing our range of Swiss quality abrasives with Bosch Professional Power Tools with world’s best six year warranty, Delmeq brushless electric sanders, Italian made workstation and a broad range of sia system accessories. To compliment this solution, new, easy to read Quick Process Reference charts that maximise your sanding process performance are now available, which lead your repair team through the shortest process path to deliver a perfect finish.

“sia continues to offer more than abrasives and with so many grades and accessories available, we decided to create a simple system that improves productivity and uses a smart range of innovative products. This saves technicians having to decide which products to use. We’ve produced process charts which make every step straightforward. The result is Perfect Finish Solutions,” he said.

“Our Automotive product team in Switzerland developed the best in class four grit system, 1958 siapro, eliminating unnecessary sanding steps, delivering exactly the same result as a conventional six or seven grit system. 

“What we have created is a four step system with a 100, 200, 300 and 400 grit. It’s a really compact range that comprises of only nine items; three strips, four discs, an aluminium oxide and a diamond blending disc - this optimised range makes storage and ordering streamlined too. The advantage of the system also is that all of your technicians will carry out tasks in the same way which means consistency of quality. Add to that the state-of-the art sia and Bosch tools as well as the Delmeq electric sanders and there is everything you could possibly need for every process that involves sanding or polishing,” he said.

Vellekoop said that the sia distributors are especially excited about the Delmeq range of electric sanders with brushless motors, which have proven extremely popular in Europe. Key features include:

  • Quiet, Smooth and Intelligently Powerful
  • 6, 7 and 8 Step Speed Control
  • Significant energy cost savings vs 
  • pneumatic sander
  • Low maintenance, long runtime 
  • Long lifespan

There’s also an Italian made workstation which is a bespoke design for the Perfect Finish Solutions range. 

“I know one is always hearing the expression ‘one stop shop’ and ‘total solution’ but that is what we are offering now and we look forward to Australian bodyshops reaping the benefits of the system,” he said.

Contact your sia Abrasives distributor for more information or call sia on 300 SIA 123.

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