Sikkens Autoclear LV Superior is a high-solid, two component clearcoat system offering highest quality and performance for all repair sizes under all application conditions. Autoclear LV Superior combines extremely robust and reliable product features with a very high gloss on Sikkens’ waterborne basecoat Autowave MM 2.0. Allowing you to optimally react on the conditions in the shop floor and the environment, Autoclear LV Superior provides you with maximum flexibility, freedom and confidence and will guarantee a perfect finish.
With its short drying time and low material consumption, Sikkens Autoclear LV Superior also contributes to bodyshop productivity and profitability, making it a perfect fit to the high performance Sikkens system. Renowned for its gloss level and consistently reproducible results give confidence in right first time results and the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Autoclear LV Superior delivers long lasting mirror like flow ensuring the perfect finish and no need for polishing. It requires minimum training and reduces any risk of rework.
Bodyshops users who adopted Autoclear LV Superior say “A best in class product for all types of repairs and combined with Autowave MM 2.0, we give it top marks for performance, quality and sustainability.”

If you want to achieve uncompromised performance and perfect finish, make sure you finish your job with Autoclear LV Superior.

If you require more information about Sikkens products, please visit or call (03) 9644 1711.

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