PartsCheck has  announced it is expanding its online parts sourcing platform to incorporate the truck and trailer industry.

PartsCheck is the tool that is used by many Australian repairers and suppliers to make their businesses more efficient and organised.

Using PartsCheck saves hours each week sourcing parts, entering data and tracking orders.

Truck repairers can now access thessame benefits of this free service and connect to your suppliers and other businesses through our online quoting platform.

Suppliers will now have the opportunity to increase the number of quotes coming through as well as being able to market the business to a wider audience.

PartsCheck have a dedicated team working behind the scenes, integrating the requirements of the truck industry into our already successful application.

Steve Blissett has just joined the team and brings with him 22 years experience in heavy commercial.

"Over the next few years it is expected that there will be an increase in the number of heavy vehicles on the road by at least 15% - and that figure will keep climbing”.

Blissett also went on to comment that with the increase in popularity of supermarket home deliveries and with the introduction of Amazon to Australia, there is predicted to be a huge increase in light trucks and large vans sales, increasing the demand on truck repairers.

There has also been changes to the NSW government legislation, recognising the need to implement a Written Off Heavy Vehicle Registrar (WOHVR) including 3.5 as well as 4.5 tonne trucks.

This will mean smaller delivery trucks will be classed as heavy vehicles. The introduction of a streamlined truck part sourcing platform couldn't have come at a better time. Visit to see how PartsCheck can help streamline your business.

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