This looks like a great video on bonding with SikaPower - here's what the company has to say about the product.

HSB (High Strength Bonding) is a new technology which combines the use of complex injection-molded carriers (SikaStructure) and a structural adhesive (SikaPower) to bond it into targeted sections of car bodies. This new generation of structural adhesive products offers exceptional adhesion properties across a wide range of substrates and opens up a new range of structural design possibilities.


SikaPower is delivered as a bulk material and is applied in combination with SikaStructure carriers. SikaPower adhesive beads are applied to the surface of the SikaStructure carrier ensuring a strong bond between the part and the sheet metal. The structural inserts can be robotically or manually inserted into the vehicle cavity.
Sika provides a range of different type of SikaPower materials for high strength bonding applications:

  • Tensile strength up to 30 MPa
  • Adapted viscosities (cold or warm applied)
  • Very good adhesion properties on Sikastructure carriers, as well as metal materials
  • High specific washout resistance
  • Bonding on various substrates and oils
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Easy application and workability
  • Long shelf life



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