• Examples of concave and convex 'cupping' caused by either too wet or too dry humidity when stored.
    Examples of concave and convex 'cupping' caused by either too wet or too dry humidity when stored.

Norton has sent out a reminder on how important it is to store coated abrasives, such as fibre discs, for longer lasting service. If neglected, it can affect the products performance, longevity and even its safety.

To avoid damaging abrasive products, consideration needs to be given during storage as there is often no special area allocated for storing abrasives. All abrasives, either coated, reinforced or bonded, should be stored in the following conditions:

  • dry and frost-free
  • kept away from cold and damp
  • not exposed to high-temperature variations or direct sunlight
  • within a temperature range of 18°C and 26°C
  • ideal relative humidity of 45% as either dry or humid storage may incur product deterioration.

Temperatures and humidity are the two very important factors influencing coated abrasive performance and safety. Backings and adhesives are sensitive to climate changes and will gain or lose moisture according to the relative humidity of the surroundings.

Excessive humidity may cause the fibre backing of a disc to absorb moisture. This increase in moisture may cause the disc to curl up into a convex shape like a taco shell, called 'cupping'. Discs that are cupped or curled up should never be used. A disc in this condition may snag on the work piece causing it to break. Excessive moisture may also soften the adhesive bond and cause the disc to suddenly shed or lose large amounts of abrasive grains.

Excessive dryness may cause the disc to curl or arch down in a concave manner and become brittle and lose flexibility. To keep your disc flat and safe please follow the list of the proper storage requirements for coated abrasive discs:

  • store abrasive disc at 40-50% relative humidity and 15-29 degrees Celsius
  • coated abrasive disc must be stored at least 10 or more centimetres above the surface of concrete floors, away from open windows, out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources such as radiators, steam pipes and air conditioner exhaust vents
  • protect coated abrasive discs from exposure to water or other fluids/solvents
  • always follow any abrasive manufacturer's storage instructions
  • do not drop or in any way damage the coated abrasive packaging
  • if packaging is received damaged, the product inside must not be used. Return any damaged product to its manufacturer
  • rotate stock, use on a first-in, first-out basis
  • store coated abrasive discs in original packaging and/or in a horizontal manner.

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