Cromax has launched a new high-quality, low-energy clear that dries in just five minutes at 60°C. The new Ultra Performance Energy Clear CC6700 is the most productive clear available from Cromax. Parts can be assembled after only 15 minutes, and it also dries at room temperature, so bodyshops need very little energy to work with it.

Extensive field tests of Ultra Performance Energy Clear CC6700 have demonstrated high productivity and an exceptional, mirror like finish. Compared to conventional clear coats, CC6700 significantly reduces the energy consumption of a typical paint job either in a short bake cycle or in curing at room temperature. Cromax’s new energy clear sets a new benchmark for sustainable clearcoat application.

The combination of a flawless, high-gloss finish and the cure speed of the new CC6700 clear has never been available before. As a result, bodyshops will be able to re-think work processes and optimise their work-flow. CC6700 is perfect for taking the pressure off the usual bodyshop bottlenecks.

“We wanted to offer bodyshops a practical solution to improve their work processes,” said John Nettleton, Cromax Product and Colour Manager for Australia and New Zealand. “Based on a new resin technology, it is the only top appearance clear coat to dry this quickly. It will help bodyshops maximise their output, whilst making significant energy savings without any extra investment.”

 The new Ultra Performance Energy Clear CC6700 is conveniently available in a 5-litre pack size.  It is easy to apply in 1.5 coats and be used in conjunction with one of two Cromax activators - the AR7702 Energy Activator Standard or AR7703 Energy HT/HH Activator.


The new Ultra Performance Energy Clear CC6700 is now available from your nearest Cromax distributor or visit

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