This piece of equipment isn't going to win any beauty contests but it has been German engineered to make aluminium and carbon fibre dust extraction safe.

There have been at least two instances reported globally of workshop fires caused by aluminium dust igniting. This unit cools the dust before it drops into a handy tray that can be easily emptied. It also extracts welding fumes.

It includes a safety system to protect the air intake from hot steel sparks, a 5 m flow-calming section as well as adaptors to connect grinding tools and an accessory pack for cars.  


  • Explosion-proof enclosure¬†
  • Additional fine filter stage according to "H" classifications required to operate the same machine with cancer causing plastic dusts.
  • The frictionless and sparkless cabinet consists of absorbable and glass fibre consolidated polyester

Available from Sydney Automotive Paints and Equipment. Call: 02 9772 9000.

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