Axalta continues to design and develop user-friendly products for the professional bodyshop through its refinish non-paint consumable brand, Audurra. The recently expanded range of products now includes masking foil, mixing cups/lids, stirrers and wipes. It now provides a large range of consumables for the painter, that offer durability, speed and material cost savings. In addition, there is a new premium abrasives range which includes discs, strips and soft-rolls.

These premium discs, strips and soft rolls are specifically developed to work effectively with Axalta paint systems and are designed for high efficiency sanding. They form part of a new sanding system that focuses on choosing the product that is right for the application as opposed to choosing a grit size. Products are classified as A-B-C-D-E, to make sanding easier with only eight items to cover 90% of applications. The system aids in avoiding application errors and results in re-coatability without scratch or swirl marks. The multi-hole pattern makes them flexible for use on pads and blocks.

The product features include only four grits for paint preparation (A to D). The coarse grits focus on removal rate and time savings, while the fine grits have low scratch depths for perfect finish.  In addition, there is 1 grit (E), for use in blending.

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