The new professional LED work light series from Philips has been designed to provide optimal clarity and vision for your workspace, while drastically reducing strain on your eyes with natural white light, as if you were working under the sunlight. The series comprises of seven distinct products that feature powerful LEDs and wide beams to illuminate every detail with precision, guiding you throughout the long hours.

Bright lights that are easy on the eyes
The Philips LED work light series includes high power LEDs with a high lumen output to guarantee more visibility and a wide beam angle that evenly distributes light. The LEDs come in 6000K true daylight color temperature, as if you were working outdoors on a bright sunny day, enhancing the comfort and accuracy of your vision.
Extreme durability to withstand various conditions
In a workshop various chemicals, solvents, and grease can impact the LED quality. The Philips LED work light series has been designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions. The lights are water, dirt, and dust proof according to IP54 and IP67 standards, international standards that define the level of protection against particles. Meanwhile, the light housings are impact and shock resistant, making them exceptionally durable for different environments.
The lights are equipped with hooks, clips, detachable cables, or magnets, freeing both your hands as you work to repair your vehicles. The hands-free lighting also includes beams that are wide, focused, and shadow-free, for maximum visibility and focus.

Versatility of the series
The Philips LED work light series includes seven products, each designed to meet various needs, from simple inspections to thorough maintenance and repair. Products cover penlights and inspection lights to rechargeable work lights and multi-directional lighting systems.
Batteries are built with a long life span, lasting from 5 to 11 hours, allowing you to work with minimal interruptions.

High-quality LUXEON LED rechargeable compact light. This bright LUXEON LED light produces up to 200 lumen with an 80° wide beam angle that can light up a large work area. Its durability makes it highly resistant to chemicals and workshop solvents, and a built-in battery lasts five times longer than most conventional rechargeable batteries. With a swivel clip and magnet, it can be used hands-free.

This light has a robust housing and a rubber grip for strong impact resistance. With ultra-durable lithium battery, the light can last five times longer than standard lithium battery, for up to 1,500 recharge cycles. Users can work hands-free with a 360° retractable hook and a strong magnet.

This high-power LED light consists of a wide beam angle of 90° and a UV light leak detector to quantify the performance of UV lights and ensure its performance is maximized. It has an 8-hour battery autonomy and a strong impact resistance. Users can work hands-free with a 360° retractable hook and a strong magnet.

Hybrid LED bonnet light

This light can be used with a five-meter robust cable or cordless, and has an integrated telescopic mounting, stretching from 1.1 to 1.8 meters. On boost mode, it can produce up to 1,200 lumen output.


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