MIRKA went to the effort of creating a specialist internal team to develop the new range. After carefully analysing each step of the refinish process and looking at how each basic item was used, these experts developed a selection of quality products that can be relied on to produce efficient, repeatable results. MIRKA Essentials not only work fluently with existing MIRKA products, they are also designed to help collision centre processes flow smoothly in order to save valuable labour time and ensure a high-quality result, says Matt Sbizzirri, PPG Product Specialist, Associated Products.

“MIRKA Essentials is a range of accessories and consumable products that are seen as essential for paint refinishing, collision repair, polishing and other surface finishing work. As well as being competitively priced, the range is all about giving a valuable return on investment. Each item in the MIRKA Essentials catalogue has been carefully designed to work hand-in-hand with other MIRKA products, while making small but worthwhile contributions to your overall process productivity. In the end, the benefits far outweigh the outlay. Compared to other similar products on the market, the range brings some handy, built-in features we think users will really appreciate. For example, the MIRKA Essentials Tack Cloth is larger than the average tack cloth so it can cover a larger area in one go and it leaves less residue. Then there is the MIRKA Essentials Degreaser Cloth which we found performs flawlessly and doesn’t leave fluff behind. It’s the sort of performance you expect from MIRKA. When it puts its name on a product, you can be sure it’s going to get the job done reliably, time and time again and that is where the whole MIRKA Essentials range really delivers.”

MIRKA Essentials are available from authorised MIRKA distributors across Australia and New Zealand. The initial MIRKA Essentials range is set to be expanded in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

  • Mixing Cup, in 400ml, 650ml, 1300ml and 2240ml sizes
  • Mixing Cup Lid, to fit 400ml, 650ml, 1300ml and 2240ml sizes
  • Tack Cloth Waffle
  • Touch Up Bottle, complete with funnel
  • Paint Mixing Stick (20cm or 30cm sizes)
  • Degreasing Cloth 32cm X 40cm
  • Paint Strainer (125µm or 190µm)
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