As more car manufacturers begin to use special effect paints on their vehicles, Standox has introduced the Standothek Guide on Special Effect Paints which provides many practical examples and tips.

The guides detailed descriptions focus in particular on liquid metallic effects, two-stage paints with tinted clear coats, three-stage effect finishes, four-stage finishes and matt finishes, and always accompanies them with specific OEM paint examples.

The 28-page Sguide shows in a clear way how to repair different paint finishes in order to achieve an the best result.

"As soon as a job requires multi-stage basecoats, translucent effect spray passes or tinted clear coats in order to match a colour exactly, impeccable – in other words, invisible – paint repairs represent a challenge even to experienced professionals.

“That’s why correctly produced sample panels are an important tool. Although the production of paint sample panels requires a little more time, in the end it is a quicker and more cost-effective way to achieve the optimal finish," said Standox national training manager Paul Polverino.

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