Glasurit is known for having the fastest refinishing processes on the market and now quick repairs are now even more efficient with Glasurit’s 923-610 HS Clear fast drying VOC.

This new clearcoat needs no flash-off time and provides an excellent finish after only a short drying time in the oven at 60 degrees C panel temperature. Even better, Glasurit 923-610 HS clear fast drying VOC also boasts outstanding drying properties at 40 degrees C and at room temperature.

Glasurit’s new clearcoat has excellent polishing characteristics and can be applied to both vertical and horizontal panels and used flexibly during a single application. A perfect paint result can be produced with 1.5- 2 spray coats, regardless of whether HVLP or RP sprayguns are used.

Glasurit 923-610 HS clear fast drying VOC is perfectly suited for quickly repairing cosmetic damage and individual panels, as well as for refinishing entire vehicle sides. All in all, the clearcoat offers bodyshops higher efficiency thanks to an array of application options, shorter process times and lower energy costs.

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