Duxone consists of dependable, all-round ancilliary paint products specifically developed for bodyshops seeking value for money. With its new DX46 2K HS Standard Clear, increased bodyshop efficiency and value for money are key benefits of using this new product. 

Part of the Duxone repair system, the new Duxone clear is suitable for use in a clear-over-base system. This high solids clear has very good flow in application and delivers an outstanding, long-lasting high-gloss finish. With the option to be air dried, dried on low bake or using IR, the bodyshop is in control of which drying option is best suited for a situation which can, in turn, improve a bodyshop’s efficiency.  

Unlike its predecessor, there is no need to use a reducer and the faster drying capabilities are a key benefit, especially as we head further into Winter. Boasting superb polishability, excellent mar, chemical and weather resistance, the product is suitable for spot, panel and overall repairs. 

“Based on market feedback after we released DX48 at the beginning of 2018, we found a product that does not require reduction and dries quicker, especially in cooler weather. Extensive field trials of DX46 confirmed these product attributes.” says Jim Ilioupolous, Product and Technical Manager, Australia and New Zealand. 

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