Valspar Automotive has announced the launch of DeBeer Refinish 8-615 HS420 High Production Clear. High Production Clear is a two component, high solids, versatile, production clear coat, providing users with the flexibility and versatility required in high volume production bodyshop environments.
A variety of curing options (air dry, low bake force dry) are available to allow users to balance production time versus energy consumption. High Production Clear provides an exceptional high gloss finish regardless of the curing speed.
DeBeer 8-615 HS420 High Production Clear offers the following features:

  • Boost productivity: Faster drying allows for better efficiency and increased productivity
  • Flexible drying: Suitable for air drying, low baking, and
  • force drying
  • Superior protection with maximum gloss retention: High durability, ensuring unsurpassed protection
  • High gloss with excellent flow and levelling: Suitable for all types of repairs
  • Excellent application characteristics: Easy to use, may be applied at 1.5-2 full coats depending on desired finish
  • High Solids formulation: Increased application efficiency and film build
  • Designed for use with WaterBase 900+ Series and BeroBase 500 Series: High quality clear coat with high durability for use with multiple systems
  • Multiple hardener and thinner combinations: Application flexibility for all climates and locations
  • High Production Clear has been formulated to complement both DeBeer Refinish WaterBase 900+, and DeBeer Refinish BeroBase 500 systems.
  • High Production Clear utilises the existing range of DeBeer Refinish HS420 hardeners and universal thinners providing the applicator with multiple options ensuring optimum application and curing performance results regardless of the conditions.

For more information contact your local distributor, or Valspar Automotive.

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