BASF has introduced the new handheld colour retrieval instrument baslac e-finder star. Designed specifically for bodyshops, the device is aimed at easier colour matching, faster repair times and higher profitability.  

In today’s competitive car repair and service market, bodyshops are under pressure to keep stepping up the number of jobs processed per day, yet without major investment to increase their resources. In addition, colour accuracy can mean the difference between profit and loss, as re-dos burn revenue.  

Up to now, bodyshops have typically had to accept a tradeoff: quick and easy handling with compromised colour accuracy or a high level of accuracy with slow and inconvenient handling. This is why BASF developed the baslac e-finder star to fit seamlessly into bodyshop workflows and support fast, easy and accurate colour matching.   

"Our focus is on helping users achieve greater colour competency while speeding up the repair process. How easy can we make it to find precisely the right colour in the shortest-possible time?” said Fabien Boschetti, Director, Global Marketing, BASF Automotive Refinish Coatings Solutions. The device works seamlessly with baslac Formula Finder, baslac’s global colour database, allowing users to find the right colour formula in a second.  


Engineered to be fast, easy and accurate 

The digital tool enables automatic calibration on black for significantly faster calibration than existing systems provide. Automatic calibration after each job also means the user can be sure of consistent accuracy. It uses WiFi to connect seamlessly with the baslac Formula Finder for faster colour mixing.  

The baslac e-finder star features a five-angle technology for more accurate reading of all solid, metallic and pearlescent paints. A green or red LED signal light tells the user immediately if the measurement is correct. 

To optimise usage in a bodyshop setting, the baslac e-finder star is ergonomically designed for easy operation with one hand, making it easy to use on every surface of the vehicle. The device is small, but features a large touchscreen, so the painter can process vehicle information directly on it without the need to switch to another computer. A stylus and docking station are also included. Once fully charged, the tool gives up to two days of work. A self-closing cover keeps the measurement window clean and protected at all times. 

“The new tool is part of a larger trend to bring together digital and analog technologies. We place digitalisation high on our strategic agenda to help bodyshops find efficiencies. The baslac e-finder star is one example of our leading digital solutions that enable more efficient usage of resources,” said Boschetti.  

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