When it comes to versatile, easy-to-use clear, it's hard to go past Montana Big Sky PE2600 2K Clearcoat from ChemSpec USA.

The PE2600 offers clear simplicity. This clear is renowned for being extremely user-friendly and can be applied under a range of conditions found throughout Australia – from the hot summers in Queensland to the cool winters in Victoria.

Using quality urethane technology, PE2600 offers the flexibility needed for spot, multi-panel and overall refinishing.

With a simple 2:1 mix ratio, a high film build can be achieved after application of just two full coats. The final result is a deep rich gloss with premium durability.

PE2600 Clearcoat is conveniently available in a 5L pack with activators offered in fast and medium speeds. It is part of the Montana Big Sky product range, built on performance and value.

The Montana Big Sky line enjoys a long history of repeat customers due to uncompromising quality and proven product performance.

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