Molnar Parking is a new business sector and will not only offer car stackers for the automotive sector, but also for residential and other sectors. “We are very excited for this new challenge and with our strong Molnar brand and competence we will succeed”, says Risto Koskivuori, CEO of STENHØJ Australia. Kevin Dawes, who has 33 years Industry experience with Molnar Hoists, will be driving the growth of this new business sector. 

Parking space across Australia is currently at a premium. Useable land is shrinking to cater for the larger population growth. With the price of land increasing councils are giving less options for roadside parking or high premiums in parking fees. 

With many automotive sites growing in popularity, clients have been coming to ask for solutions to be able to retain their same inner-city location whilst expanding car parking facilities. With the increased presence of imported vehicles, dealerships are experiencing additional waiting times and delays with the supply of parts and components to their sites. The result is vehicles being stored longer at workshops and requiring to be stored safely without causing overcrowding. The solution to this issue is the new Molnar car stackers. 

The company is offering two different models 

Molnar Laser 4.3CP - 3 Car Stacker Molnar Laser 2.2CP - 2 Car Stacker 

It has been calculated, that if a work bay can generate $1,000 per day, this equates to $250,000 extra cashflow per year, resulting in $1,000,000 extra cash flow over a 4-year period. Workshops and dealerships can increase the number of work bays on their site, thus improving efficiency by introducing Molnar car stackers rather than the cost involved to relocate to larger premises, or outside of their current locality. 

The new Molnar Parking System serves as dependent parking, above-ground parking without requiring a pit. “Lower space has to be free to allow access for parking on the lifting platform” says Dawes. The equipment will carry the same values as Molnar hoists: ISO9001 certified production, 3 years warranty, national installation/service network and strong after sales support. 

For more information please, contact 1-300-MOLNAR (1300 665 627), or Kevin Dawes: 0488 468 488 Email: 

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