The RODIM brand supports bodyshops and painting companies with user friendly painting accessories developed to meet the specific needs of painters.
The RODIM mix and paint system makes preparing to paint easier than ever. Mix the paint in the mixing cup, put the lid on and get started. The multifunctional lid transforms a conventional mixing cup into a fully functional painting system.
Fast system – easy to use
Forget about the inconvenient filling and assembly – simply stir the primer, topcoat or clearcoat in the RODIM mixing cup, attach the mix and paint system lid, and that’s it.
The RODIM mix and paint system lid features a screw thread for the spray gun and a filter. The reinforced lid is pressed firmly onto the mixing cup to provide a secure seal, meaning that the paint can no longer escape. There is also a pre-installed filter. In a test, the 190µm filter proved to be an absolute all-rounder for all conventional applications with primers and top coats, and is available for 350ml, 650ml and 800ml cps and as a UV-resistant version (650ml). The lids are also available with a 125 µm filter.
In addition to the cups and lids, each box contains small caps in order to seal the or securely store leftover paint in the mixing cup for later use.
The RODIM mix and paint system makes work simple, safe and efficient.

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