MIRKA Systainer - boxed up and ready to go

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By packing all the hi-tech tools needed for denibbing and targeted polishing into a handy carry case, the new MIRKA Systainer offers a simple, convenient and productive solution.  

The concept for the MIRKA Systainer is simple. It aims to give collision centres access to cost-effective, cutting-edge option that supplies everything needed to quickly and conveniently target de-nibbing and polishing operations, wherever and whenever they wantwhile minimising the affected area to save valuable time. The centrepiece is MIRKA’s latest battery powered tools which are proving to be game changers. Created by its in-house development team, this range of battery powered tools may be compact and portable but they deliver big performance and this includes the three tools that come with the new MIRKA Systainer – the AOS-B 33mm de-nibbing tool, ARP-B 77mm polisher and AROP-B 77mm random orbital polisher. In addition, this handy kit contains two batteries (one being used in a tool and a spare on charge), as well as de-nibbing roses, a selection of polishing pads and polishing compounds and other accessories. 

Targeted performance in a convenientportable package 

It’s all about using battery powered tools with a compact footprint, along with specialised accessories, to save valuable time on a wide range of everyday jobs. This can include everything from prepping for a blend or polishing prior to a spectro reading, through to de-nibbing and polishing out de-nib scratches or polishing small items, such as mirror casings. For example, The MIRKA AOS-B 33mm de-nibbing tool precisely targets and removes dust nibs using a circular random orbital motion. In contrast to typical manual de-nibbing scratches, these fine de-nibbing scratches can then be quickly and effectively polished out with the ARP-B 77mm polisher or AROP-B 77mm random orbital polisher.  

Utilising advanced Li-ion battery technology, not only makes these MIRKA tools powerful, high torque and long lasting, they are also not tied down to a power point. As a result, the robust MIRKA Systainer case can easily be carried anywhere it’s needed and because it makes it simple to keep everything in one place, you won’t have to waste time searching for items. Forget being restricted to the detailing bay – this portable de-nibbing and polishing arsenal can be used wherever it’s needed, from a quick job in the carpark to somewhere down the street or across townSimply take the MIRKA Systainer to the vehicle, polished the affected area and it’s ‘job done’. 

The MIKKA Systainer is available now from authorised MIRKA distributors across Australia and New Zealand.  

The MIRKA Systainer kit contains: 

  • Carrying case (400x300x158mm) 

  • AOS-B 33mm de-nibbing tool, including battery 

  • ARP-B 77mm polisher (tool only) 

  • AROP-B 77mm random orbital polisher (tool only) 

  • Spare Heavy Duty 5.0ah Battery  

  • 100 pack of POLARSTAR SR 32mm Channel PSA 5μ 

  • 100 pack of POLARSTAR SR 32mm Channel PSA 7μ 

  • Polarshine 5 Finishing Compound - 250ml  

  • Polarshine 15 Polishing Compound - 250ml  

  • Polarshine 35 Polishing Compound - 250ml  

  • Polarshine Liquid Wax - 500ml  

  • Two pack of 80mm Lambswool Pads 

  • Two pack of 85x25mm Yellow Foam Waffle Pads  

  • Two pack of 85x25mm Black Foam Waffle Pads 

  • Two pack of 400x400mm Microfibre cleaning clothes  

  • 60ml Finessing Damper  

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