By ditching the power cord, MIRKA’s compact new battery driven spot sanders offer ease of use and electric performance that is perfect for modern repair process productivity.

Electric tools are taking over in the modern workshop and MIRKA’s Power Tools department is leading the charge. New-age MIRKA tools, such as the DEROS and DEOS, have shown that electric tools offer more efficiency, more performance, more control and more productivity and now the innovative company has pushed the boundaries even further with the launch of a pair of compact, battery driven spot repair sanders – the AOS-B is a 32mm device with a 3mm orbit, while the AROS-B is a 32mm device with a 5mm random orbit. The advantages of electric tools are quickly being recognised, says Kurt Way, PPG Category Manager Associated Products.

“People knew these new MIRKA cordless electric sanders were coming and they were excited about getting their hands on them and why not – they don’t want to be restricted by a lead or hose. The AOS-B and AROS-B give you the freedom to move around the job easily and there is no air hose or power lead getting in the way or potentially causing damage to the job. They are small and light with a pistol grip that makes them very easy control so they are all about increasing process speed while reducing labour time. By quickly and accurately targeting just the area you want to sand, it keeps the job area as small as possible and that saves on labour time by making the next steps in the process quicker. For example, you can keep a de-nib as small as possible, then use the small, 77mm buff to do just those areas and then finish off with a quick buff over the whole job with a large tool. There are lots of small but very worthwhile labour time savings which quickly add up to reduce cycle-time and increase profitability.”

“There is also no issue with battery life because AOS-B and AROS-B use advanced lithium-ion technology. Fully charged, they give you around 16 hours of use in applications, such as spot repairs, and they will fully charge again in just 45 minutes. Each tool comes with a spare battery so you can always keep one on charge, ready to go.”

Next-gen electric efficiency

Thanks to MIRKA’s cutting-edge design, the AOS-B and AROS-B offer a far more effective solution than any conventional alternatives which are currently available. One key factor is MIRKA’s state-of-the-art brushless electric motor which gives smooth, quiet and powerful performance, yet does not have the maintenance hassle of having to replace carbon brushes. In contrast to pneumatic sanders, it also requires no lubrication which removes the risk of job contamination. As well as excellent power and torque, the motor can be adjusted in steps from 4000rpm to 8000rpm, to complete sanding operations more quickly – particularly when combined with MIRKA Polarstar SR abrasives. With energy prices rising, the remarkable efficiency of electric tools also comes into play. By measuring the amount of electrical energy consumed to recharge the battery and how many spot repairs could then be completed, MIRKA has estimated that the AOS-B and AROS-B use only around 1% of the energy required to perform the same tasks with a pneumatic tool.



-       Very latest, cordless electric technology

-       Light weight, compact, ergonomic and low vibration

-       Powerful brushless electric motor

-       Very low noise level

-       45-minute battery charge, 16 hours use

-       No pneumatic or electric cables



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