By deleting a whole step from the refinish process, 6041 MAXMEYER Plastic Primer Converter from Protec is the simple new way to add speed and slash cycle-time. 

A large proportion of refinish jobs involve plastic components, as well as conventional metal panels, etc. Forget using the traditional method of having to apply an adhesion promotor to the plastic components and letting it flash-off before applying primer. In contrast, 6041 MaxMeyer Plastic Primer Converter uses clever, up-to-the-minute coatings technology that streamlines the priming process and removes an entire, time consuming step.  

Simple and economical to use 

Despite its high-tech formulation, 6041 MaxMeyer Plastic Primer Converter is incredibly easy to use. When preparing Maxmeyer VOC HP Wet-On-Wet Primer for a job that includes plastic components, simply substitute 6041 MaxMeyer Plastic Primer Converter for the recommended amount of thinner in the mix. For example, if 100ml of thinner is required, instead add 100ml of 6041 MaxMeyer Plastic Primer Converter and no thinner. After adding the recommended hardener, the primer formulation can be applied over plastics and other recommended substrates (including e-coat panels) in the usual manner and cured as per normal. Preparation of plastics and other substrates is carried out via the recommended method. At the molecular level, 6041 MaxMeyer Plastic Primer Converter goes to work delivering the necessary adhesion promoting properties to any commonly used plastics. As well as deleting an entire step from the refinish process, it’s easily learnt, leaves little room for error and needs no new investment. As 6041 MaxMeyer Plastic Primer Converter replaces the thinner that would normally be used, material cost is  significantly reduced. 

 Available now from your Protec distributor, 6041 MaxMeyer Plastic Primer Converter is another example of utilising the latest technology to slash cycle-time and drive profitability by providing the opportunity to process more jobs in a given time. 


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