Featuring the same incredible three-minute cure time but with spray gun application for tackling larger jobs, SU1280 joins UV8080 to provide a complete UV priming solution.

When PPG’s advanced UV cured primer surfacer technology arrived around two decades ago it created a sensation in the refinish industry. Thanks to its aerosol convenience, high film builds and the ability to cure in just three minutes under an approved UV lamp, ONECHOICE UV8080 UV cured primer surfacer gave repairers a tool to work up to 70 percent faster on smaller repair jobs.

To allow this remarkable UV curing technology to be utilised in a greater variety of refinish repair situations, PPG has now launched OneChoice SU1280 UV cured primer surfacer. Packaged in a one litre tin, it’s specially formulated to be applied by spray gun, making it an excellent solution for larger areas. This has been assisted by the ongoing development in UV lamp technology which has seen them grow in size and, therefore, their ability to cure a larger area in a single curing phase. SU1280 is applied using a suitable spray gun, nozzle set and a blacked-out UV cup.

Complete UV priming solution

While the aerosol delivery of UV8080 continues to be an ideal option for small, spot repairs, SU1280 is designed to be the more effective solution when the repair area gets larger. Taking advantage of SU1280 is only limited by the size of the UV lamp. Alternatively, you can simply cure one area (in just three minutes) and reposition the lamp to cure additional areas. Now it’s possible to enjoy the speed benefits of PPG’s UV priming solutions from a small spot repair right through to a whole panel or more. SU1280 is also super easy to use. No mixing is required – simply make sure the product is thoroughly agitated before pouring it into the UV pot and it’s ready to apply. It’s important to note that, because it’s a different formulation, SU1280 should not be used on plastic substrates without an adhesion promotor – it’s recommended to use the convenience of UV8080 for any plastics.

The need for speed

No mixing is needed with either product, no flash-off is required between coats and amazing film builds can be achieved – up to 120 microns in a single application. Afterwards, it cures in three minutes under an approved UV lamp and the sanding / topcoat process can begin immediately. Any uncured overspray can simply be washed off. When it’s cured, SU1280 and UV8080 leave a clear, transparent finish so the primer patch will not increase the size of the repair and this saves on topcoat application.

Light speed equals productivity

For any repairer who is on the lookout for ways to reduce cycle-time and increase workflow, SU1280 and UV8080 offer a perfect one-two punch. SU1280 and UV8080 are fully compatible with PPG’s refinish paint systems, including Max Meyer and Protec. It also pairs perfectly with the DELFLEET Evolution paint system.

For more information speak to your PPG representative or call: 13 24 24.

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