U-POL has utilised its 70-year heritage of pioneering products for the accident repair industry and developed an advanced lightweight fine filler formulation. Rapid Glaze is specially formulated to finish off very fine repairs and correct small imperfections in a fraction of time compared to most conventional formulas. This game-changing new product was launched in April and has already proven to be a sales success.
Developed at the company’s Wellingborough-based R&D facilities, Rapid Glaze uses advanced lightweight resin technology to enable full cure and easy sanding in just six minutes. Presented in a convenient 880ml bag ensures no waste.

Extensive tests carried out over the last 12 months reveal that all Rapid System product can increase productivity by up to 40 per cent, dramatically reducing costs and lowering key-to-key cycle times.

Crucially, all Rapid System product provide bodyshops with the complete flexibility of air-drying, oven baking or using gas fired/infrared drying systems for curing.

Ask your local U-POL representative for a Rapid Glaze demonstration or visit

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