UV paint technology and products are on the rise and Finixa is consistently innovating products to suit. A trio of Finixa UV products have been created to increasing productivity and profitability.

The Spectratek InstaCure UVLED curing lamp allows easy and complete access to all parts and sections of a vehicle while providing a faster, safer and more efficient cure for automotive repair and industrial finishes. An 8-15 second curing time is achieved at 50mm (2”) from curing surface and between 1-2 minutes cure time at a curing distance of 200mm (8”).
Paired with the Finixa UV Primer this Instacure lamp gives an almost instant cure with no heat radiance. The unit only emits UV-A radiation with no harmful UV-B/C. Safe handling without risk of burns and direct battery charging without having to remove the battery from the lamp are also features.

Finixa TSP150 UV Primer is a one-component UV curable primer-filler with a 2-minute cure time (pending cure area size and distance matched with UV curing lamp). With a high film build of up to 140 microns over 3 layers, it is the perfect aerosol primer for spot repairs. We recommend using Finixa Waterbased Degreaser (DGR05) to clean the panel before applying the UV Primer. Finixa UV Primer aerosol is for use on properly cleaned & sanded steel, aluminium, galvanised steel, cured & sanded OEM finishes, polyester body fillers, rigid and semi-rigid plastics.

TSP1200 UV Primer Cleaner is the 2nd step of the new UV aerosol range and is especially formulated for use with Finixa UV Primer. It is to be used after curing and before the sanding stage. This product will help to increase the life span of the abrasive materials used in the sanding stage and can also be used to remove non-cured UV Primer.

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