A little-known nugget of RUPES gold is the Paint Correction App. For beginners and seasoned professionals alike, the app helps to break down which tool, pad and compound combinations are optimum for the myriad of paint correction and polishing issues that paintwork throws up.

Working on the inputs you provide, including paint issue or condition, the tool you’re using and the desired outcome, the app will return RUPES’ best recommendations (including whether a sanding step will result in the best outcome), tricks and tips for which pads and compounds to use.

For example, Orange peel and using a rotary polisher? Pick up a RUPES Cut & Finish wool pad and coarse rotary compound, and beware of the chance for holograms to appear.

BigFoot Random Orbital Polisher and looking for a show car finish on hard paint? RUPES D-A Ultra Fine foam pad and UNO Pure compound is for you.

Even if you’re using another brand of tool, the app still works for you, because the RUPES pad and compound combinations are relevant to the pad movement, irrespective of brand.

Available via the RUPES global site on your desktop or mobile device by visiting



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