The next innovation in the humble Paint System. Innovation is more than just a technical improvement. Innovation is progress, the chance to do something better or do something that was previously said to be impossible.

The renewed Green Paint System developed in-house and patented in Belgium uses an ultra-thin Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) liner which requires  40-50% less plastic to produce the new flexible inner cups when compared to the average liner by other competitors on the market. When analysing a European market of a tremendous 150 million produced systems, this is a significant amount of plastic prevented from being used and wasted.

PET also ensures minimal friction with the paint, is more chemical resistant than LDPE and collapses a lot faster than LDPE. Thanks to these benefits, the unique PET liner does not only leave less paint residue in the liner and reduces the weight of plastic waste but on top of that ensures you a perfect colour match. The PET liner is highly transparent for accurate mixing while the Reusable outer cup features Finixa’ 10 different mixing ratios and optimized height-width dimensions for more accurate measuring.

The combination of the step inside the outer cup, which ensures that the liner is perfectly positioned and sealed, and our highly compressible liner ensures a very smooth experience during and after spraying. Also featuring a lightweight lid with integrated strainer and a set of closing caps to store leftover paint easily and cleanly.

Today, the car industry is still seen as a high pollution sector. Step by step, Finixai s trying to compensate or improve this where possible. To this end, Finixa are bringing real ecological innovations, such as the renewed Green Paint System.

Finixa’ sustainably produced paint system, join us in building a more sustainable industry.

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