Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 cutting edge technology accelerates the colour matching process for body shops and further optimises the measurement reliability and refinishing results. 

Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 surveys the paint surface even more finely and offers technical innovations and intelligent links to ensure an even quicker and more convenient workflow. Using two light sources (a blue and white LED) to cover six photos and 12 geometries, Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6 enables the colour and texture of the pigments to be precisely analysed and allows even difficult colours to be identified reliably. 

Glasurit RATIO Scan 12/6: 

  • Accelerates the colour-matching process for all Glasurit paint systems 

  • Uses a Wi-Fi connection 

  • Is integrated in the Glasurit Profit Manager Pro-  the world’s largest and most comprehensive colour database 

  • Offers exact solutions, including for the latest colours 

  • Is easy to use 

  • Encompasses a system solution for all-around digital colour matching and the connected mixing room 

What other Glasurit colour tools can I use? 

Colour retrieval – with the Glasurit Colour Profi System 

The Glasurit Colour Profi System (CPS) is a sophisticated system of colour chips coated with original paint. The front of the chip shows the respective colour as a spray-out, while the back features the barcode and colour code the spray painter can use to find the corresponding mixing formula for the colour on the computer. 

Truck colours – Glasurit Colour Truck Guide 

The Glasurit Colour Truck Guide is the efficient colour identification solution for commercial vehicles. It is a collection of all colours from all commercial vehicle manufacturers, displayed on a colour swatch.  

Colour adjustment charts – practical overview for all mixing bases 

Pictograms next to the individual mixing bases provide information on the colour group, colour bias, face view and side view as well as on purity and chroma. The separate Multi-Effekt colour adjustment chart makes visual assessment of mixing bases easier with its large colour chips. 

Grey shade concept – easily match the filler colour to the basecoat 

With the grey shade concept by Glasurit, body shops can match the filler colour with the basecoat in the best possible way – thus saving up to 40 percent basecoat with the matching grey shade. 


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