Efficiency in the paint room is becoming more important and Glasurit says it has the perfect solution: 923-198 Air Dry Clear.

The Glasurit 923-198 Air Dry Clear significantly reduces process times and energy costs. It eliminates the baking process in the repair process for clears, providing benefits with process times (especially for body shops with a combined spray booth) and increased throughput and energy savings.

Glasurit offers one of the fastest refinishing processes available on the market. The new clearcoat needs no flash-off time and provides an excellent finish after only a short drying period in the oven.

The drying time is only 10 minutes at 60°C object temperature without adding any additive. 923-198 shows excellent drying performance at even 22°C

  • Body shops will benefit from the 923-198 Air Dry Clear with:
  • Short process time
  • Faster drying time at 60°C
  • Improved drying at 22°C
  • Energy savings due to shorter drying time
  • Improved polishing behavior
  • Easy to use
  • Increased gloss level (doesn’t drop after all drying methods)
  • Fast curing
  • Flexible usage: ½+1 without an intermediate flash-off time but as well 2 spray coats with intermediate flash off time
  • High efficiency due to loss of unproductive flash-off time
  • Can be used as well on horizontal parts


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