Glasurit 285-230 and 285-290 Primer Filler Pro ensure efficiency during basecoat application while at the same time guaranteeing the high-quality refinishing results you have come to expect. 
The process is reduced by one application step and you save material, since wet-on-wet fillers, Glasurit 285-230 and 285-290 are applied directly to metal or plastic without any additional primer.

Despite their outstanding efficiency, the primer fillers meet the high standards for first-class refinishing and offer top-quality corrosion protection even without primer. As starting products, Glasurit 285-230 and 285-290 allow you to mix the recommended shades of the Glasurit grey shade concept.


  • Suitable for steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, old paintwork and GRP/SMC
  • Good corrosion protection and weathering resistance, outstanding finish quality.


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