In general, one third of insurance claims are smaller, cosmetic damage. Many of these damages are not being claimed and repaired due to consumer fear of losing their no-claim discount.  

A specialised approach is required to effectively approach this large and growing market segment.  DeBeer Refinish has developed the 1-350 Ultra Velocity (UV) Primer to meet the needs of the smart repair market.  

The newly released 1-350 Ultra Velocity primer has been designed to provide a simpler, yet faster process, increasing productivity and accelerating repair cycle times.   

With UV-accelerated curing times allowing for curing to be completed in as little as two minutes, convenient mixing ratio, multi-substrate application, and unlimited pot life, the 1-350 Ultra Velocity primer is the perfect product to help bodyshops enhance their repair process.  

1-350 Ultra Velocity Primer is compatible with all DeBeer Refinish topcoats, including the BeroBase 500 Series and the WaterBase 900+ Series. 

For more information contact your local distributor.  

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