Automotive paint protection film FlexiShield is now available in Australia.

The film is currently manufactured by US-based Reflek Technologies Corporation and consists of a thermoplastic polyurethane film that is almost invisible to the eye.

FlexiShield has been designed with “self-healing” properties which by spray the film with hot hot water upon application will diminish minor scratches and marks.

Queensland-based Maddison Lawrence is now the sole distributor of the FlexiShield brand in Australia.

Lawrence runs an automotive detaling company and picked up the product during the CIAACE Expo in China earlier this year.

“I had the trucking industry in mind originally, but this product is something completely new that has so many benefits for 4WD, luxury car and even boat owners as well.”

Lawrence will headed to the SEMA Expo in Las Vegas later this month to seek out additional distribution partnerships in Australia.

“This is an ideal complementary business for detailer and tinters, it’s a similar application process as tinting.”

Take a look at how it works:

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