Stone chips and scratches are a staple service among all repair and refinish businesses. With the help of the latest UV technology, Finixa has made a fast and cost-effective UV repair solution for stone chips and scratches.

Finixa SCU20 Stone Chip Repair UV is a single component, fast curing UV repair solution with no shrinkage after curing. Offering the same strength, durability and chemical resistance as a 2K clear coat, you can be assured that this product will leave you with a high-level finish. This product can be sanded and polished after a 45 second cure using the Finixa SCL00 UVLED curing lamp. For a perfect 10 step stone chip repair process search “SCU20” on the website listed below.

The SCL00 Stone Chip UVLED is a universal LED lamp for UV drying that can also be used as a detection and inspection lamp. It has a 3.7V lithium rechargeable battery with a high power 5W output. Recommended distance to hold from the curing surface is between 10mm and 30mm.

Finixa also has the TSP150 UV Primer which is a one-component UV curable primer-filler with a two-minute cure time (pending cure area size and distance matched with UV curing lamp). With a high film build of up to 140 microns over three layers, it is the perfect aerosol primer for spot and SMART repairs and will increase productivity from the first use. Use Finixa waterbased degreaser (DGR05) to clean the panel before applying the UV Primer. Finixa UV Primer aerosol is for use on properly cleaned and sanded steel, aluminium, galvanised steel, cured and sanded OEM finishes, polyester body fillers, rigid and semi-rigid plastics.

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