The newest product to hit the range is Finixa Control Spray (tsp930). This product leaves a temporary gloss layer that replaces the clear coat without leaving any lasting trace on the sprayed surface.

Spraying a thin layer over control spray over a sample plate that has been sprayed in basecoat will create a temporary shine over the top.

This layer of temporary clear coat allows the painter to directly compare the sample plate with the desired colour for inspection.

TSP 930 is the perfect tool to detect any imperfections in your colours. The gloss layer works as a magnifying glass and it will allow for you to detect errors faster and easier, resulting in a more accurate final colour.

As a result of applying the temporary clear layer to the base coated sample plate, sanding scratches (most of the time it will be visible after spraying a clear coat) will be detected early.

Finixa control spray evaporates completely after use without leaving any residue on the sprayed surface (+/- 10-15min. at 20°C and normal humidity). Let the spray evaporate or accelerate by using a wide blow gun (WJE 05).

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