The change over to waterborne paints is great for the environment but hard on your spray booth filters. The conventional type of fibreglass exhaust filter, used extensively throughout Australia, just isn’t coping with the waterborne paint overspray because it has different properties and characteristics.

The adhesive that is used in standard fiberglass filters is made from a water-based component causing it to dissolve when the waterborne paint overspray falls on the filter. This causes the filter to flatten and lose its loft. Therefore, the paint loads on the surface of the filter, prematurely clogging it.

The solution

Aeroflow Filters has the solution with its new waterborne-compatible fibreglass exhaust filter, which is the only one of its type in Australia. Aeroflow Filters, after much research and testing, has sourced this unique filter from the USA, where use of waterborne paint has been compulsory for some years. This filter is becoming the norm in US autobody repair shops.

 Its unique design, with various layers bonded together with special water-resistant adhesives, allows your booth to maintain its airflow and pressure for a much longer period and reduces premature filter clogging. Users are able to achieve much longer periods between changes, which minimises booth downtime and wasted labour hours while also using substantially less filter material over a 12 month period. 

Key features

  • Reduces premature filter clogging
  • Minimises booth downtime
  • Improves filtration and airflow 

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