Cromax has launched NS2081 – NS2084 – NS2087 Ultra Performance Non-Sanding Surfacer. Based on patented Axalta technology, the new surfacer from Cromax delivers the most productive process when overcoating new parts. Used under Cromax Pro Basecoat, a very impressive five-minute flash-off time can be achieved. Ideal for bodyshops looking to break throughput records.

As part of the Cromax Ultra Performance Energy System, significant energy cost savings can be accomplished. Working at 60°C, 40°C and even 20°C, a balance of speed and energy-use can be reached to suit the workload in a bodyshop. Depending on workload, a choice can be made between super-fast paint times, super-low energy consumption or a balance between the two.

Not only is the Ultra Performance Energy System setting new standards in terms of speed and energy savings but also in terms of results. With easy application, excellent surfacer stability and an intense clear coat gloss with very good curing, nothing else comes close. The new NS2081 - NS2084 - NS2087 Ultra Performance Non-Sanding Surfacer also ensures a super smooth surface and excellent topcoat hold out.

As well as being available in black and grey, the surfacer will also be available in white, allowing for greater coverage even in lighter shades.

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