Colour in the vehicle refinish industry is complex, with over 230 car manufacturers operating over 700 factories. More than 1800 new colours are launched every year, and are becoming challenging. 

Having quick, easy and accurate access to colour matching is critical to achieving optimal throughput and cycle time. That is why capturing new, continuously evolving and complex colours visible on today's vehicles is a critical factor in the robustness of the AkzoNobel car colour database – a database that has over 2,000,000 colour formulas.

As global colour experts, you can count on us to be in touch with the latest trends and to respond rapidly with innovative refinishing solutions.

Are you ready for the 3D revolution?

The latest advances in three-dimensional paints are taking special colours to a whole new level. In the next few years we expect to see rapid expansion in the colours available, and in the number of vehicle makes and models on which they are used.

Three-dimensional paintwork consists of a coloured basecoat, featuring thinner and flatter aluminum flakes than normal metallic paints, followed by a semitransparent coloured midcoat and then a clearcoat. The resulting ‘liquid metal’ appearance, colour depth, 3D effect and intense light reflection are stunning.

For tri-stage effect colours a colour must always be tested with spray samples prior to application.

To find out more about Sikkens latest advances with three-dimensional paints please visit or call us on (03) 9644 1711.

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