Standox has updated its product label design so that they can be more easily identified. Larger product and colour codes, a clear labelling system for the different product technologies and easily recognisable symbols simplify things for busy professional refinishers.

“Standox stands for right first-time results, so we constantly work to align and to improve our products and services down to the very last detail to achieve this,” saysJim Iliopoulos, Product & Technical Manager, ANZ. "Our new packaging design means professional, smooth and efficient workflow thanks to being able to spot the right tin easily."

The main changes to the labels include: the product names, the product codes and mix codes are much larger for better readability. Surfacer colours are now clearly displayed next to the product and mix code. Simple icons denote specific materials such as thinners, hardeners and additives, or provide information on the correct handling of that material. A large coloured wave clearly shows which product technology, for example Standoblue or Standohyd, is contained within the tin. And thanks to the different background designs on the top half of the tins, it is easy to identify products suitable for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial applications.

The products with the new labels will be distributed in the second half of 2020. For more information please visit







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