Dust is an unavoidable side-effect of abrasive sanding, so it is important to consider a mobile dust extraction unit as part of a workshop’s occupational health and safety toolkit.

Paint and panel workshop dust is more harmful than one may think; although dust particles associated with abrasive sanding may not be visible to the human eye, it does not mean they cannot inflict serious harm. When inhaled, microscopic particles of commonly-used paint and panel compounds can travel deep into the lungs causing long-term damage.

Serious occupational diseases including silicosis can result from incorrectly fitted masks, full personal protective equipment or even the use of traditional ventilation methods. A more comprehensive strategy for removing harmful dust particles from the air is now considered best practice.

A mobile dust extraction unit is widely regarded as the best means of eliminating hazardous dust at its source and is recommended for use in all paint and panel preparation workshops.

Removing dust particles at the source significantly reduces the risks of dust particle inhalation by not only the immediate operator, but all staff within a workshop. Airborne dust particles are carried from one area to the other by the movement of air, on clothing, and via footwear. Isolating dust particles at the source eliminates these risks, ensuring all staff and their management can work and breath safely.

A side benefit to a complete dust management solution is the cost savings related to consumables and the loss of productivity stemming from repeated cleaning and cross contamination. A mobile dust extraction unit is an effective means of controlling dust both in the air and at the work surface, containing hazardous dust for later safe disposal.

The Rupes range of dust extraction systems cater to a variety of businesses where safety, cleanliness and efficiency are paramount. Rupes industrial range of mobile and centralised dust extraction units are proven capable to remove even the finest harmful dust particles from the air.

Rupes dust extraction units cater to a variety of applications and budgets. Tested to ensure even the finest dust particles are safely isolated for proper disposal. Rupes offer mobile units for smaller workshops and centralised turbine units for larger scale applications. Installation and servicing is also available.

Top five ways to minimise the risks associated with dust particles:

  • isolate work areas where dust generation occurs
  • always wear a correctly fitted mask and appropriate PPE
  • only use tools fitted with dust extraction features
  • always use a high-quality mobile dust extraction unit
  • ensure dust extraction units are properly serviced and regularly maintained.

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