Axalta has expanded its Syrox refinish system with its new S5200 flex clear coat to help refinishers save time and energy thank to the clear's rapid drying performance.

The flex clear's specially developed formulation promotes low ready for use viscosity allowing users easy application in two coats and short intermediate flash off time.

In just 15 minutes, the clear coat has dried and is ready for polishing allowing refinishers to optimise work processes in the bodyshop.

With shorter drying times, more cars are processed through the booth offering potential reductions in energy consumption. It is also very flexible in use – from speed repair to multi-panel repairs.

Axalta product and technical manger Jim Iliopoulos said the new coat will reduce downtime in the booth.

“At its heart, Syrox is all about simplifying the customer experience while delivering excellent results.

“The new Syrox clear builds on this, allowing refinishers to complete work more quickly and reduce downtime in the spray booth.

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