Manufactured using leading-edge abrasive technology, the new Iridium range from MIRKA is engineered to cut fast, repel dust and stay sharp to save you time and money.
Technological improvements are the catalyst for valuable gains in collision repair productivity and that includes the abrasives sector where MIRKA has long been an industry innovator. Now the global surface finishing specialist has released an all new flagship paper backed abrasive range, called Iridium, which is designed to deliver everything you need for ultra-productive paint stripping and paint preparation processes. The key to Iridium’s outstanding performance is in the state-of-the-art resin system used to hold the ceramic / aluminium oxide abrasive grains in a vice-like grip. Not only does it ensure an aggressive cut that lasts and lasts, it has the bonus of repelling dust so clogging is not an issue.

Perfect for paint stripping and preparation

When it comes to the task of paint stripping, Iridium powers through even the hardest of clearcoats, saving valuable labour time and job cost. At the same time, the abrasive grits for paint preparation have been specifically optimised for the task. It features an excellent scratch pattern engineered to work perfectly with primers and fillers. Combined with the clog free abrasive coating, this helps eliminate costly reworks by preventing the development of dust pills which leave frustrating pigtail swirls in the surface.

Long lasting, no clogging

Available in a selection of coarse through to fine grits, the entire Iridium range shares the innovative non-stick coating. Iridium discs and strips are perfect for use with MIRKA’s hugely popular electric tools, but they also fit all backing pads. And there is no precise alignment need – simply place the iridium disc or strip onto the backing pad and it’s good to go. MIRKA’s new laser cut multi-hole pattern works perfectly with the clog free abrasive surface to ensure ultra-efficient dust extraction.

Tested to perfection

After arriving with plenty of promise, local testing has shown that Iridium is right on the money, according to Kurt Way, PPG category manager, associated products. “We wanted to see exactly how Iridium would perform in local workshop conditions so we spent two full days testing the range against eight other premium abrasives. To ensure it was accurate, we used a very scientific approach to measure results and all testing was done blind – the people doing the sanding had no idea which brand was fitted. From this we did a full costing analysis for each abrasive. What we found was that Iridium does more than just compete with the top end of the market. This is leading-edge abrasive technology which out performs the best and shows that Iridium is now an excellent option – and it comes at a better price. However, don’t take our word for it, give Iridium a go and prove it for yourself.”

PPG is the exclusive distributor of MIRKA products across Australia and New Zealand.

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