Keeping your gun thoroughly clean is key to maintaining it in peak performance and ensuring it has a long lifespan.

Designed to be economical, powerful and simple to use, the new SATA Multi Clean 2 brings SATA’s precision, German engineering to the spray gun cleaning operation.

Features include a powerful, yet gentle, automatic washing cycle that efficiently decontaminates all the material passages. You can use it to give your guns a deep, thorough clean at least once a day or a quick rinse after each paint application task. There is also a manual, hand washing mode that lets you efficiently tackle cleaning tasks, such as pre-cleaning the gun and cup. It features a pedal activated cleaning fluid flow to the brush and is a closed system that is VOC compliant. To protect other internal parts of the gun, a low pressure air connection prevents cleaning solution entering the air passages during the cleaning and rinsing process.

As well as packing plenty of cleaning power, the SATA Multi Clean 2 is very economical. Internally, there are two separate storage container systems – one for the cleaning phase and another for the rinse cycle. Using fresh cleaning solution only for the rinsing process means an impressively low solvent consumption of just 200ml for each cleaning cycle. A replaceable filter inside the cleaning system container captures coarse residue from the washing process and removes it from the system. An automatic fume extraction system protects the operator from harmful vapours whilst the lid of the cleaning chamber is open. The whole system is driven by a high performance, robust, low wear, double diaphragm pump that delivers a long lifespan of efficient and effective gun washing.

A range of SATA spray equipment, is available from authorised SATA distributors across Australia and New Zealand.

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